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John Mcgrath
FICF Knights of Columbus
field Agent
6930 Little Creek
Troy, MI  48085
Office:  248-825-1380
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Insurance for Brother Knights By Brother Knights

In 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney saw firsthand the devastation of a family caused by the death of the breadwinner.  From his vision, the Knights of Columbus insurance program was created to provide financial security for its members and their families.  Today, we have more than $70 billion of insurance in force, and 1,400 full-time brother agents dedicated to carrying out his vision.

Why Meet with Your Agent?

Our agents are solution providers.  They are experts in life insurance, annuities and long-term care.  With their knowledge and our solid products, they offer peace of mind and financial security to our members and their families.

Many brother Knights do not realize the many services their agent can provide to them and their family, including:

  • Free insurance needs analysis
  • Estate preservation
  • Asset and mortgage protection
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax-deferred savings options
  • Discussion of long-term care needs

As your life changes, your needs change.  We can help with your planning when major events occur, such as marriage, the birth of a child, college planning, the aging of your parents or the buying or selling of a house.  When these and other life altering events happen, shouldn’t your planning and preparation changes as well?  Meet with your agent often to review your needs.

We have been protecting Catholic families since 1882 and we remain strong, stable and secure.

Your Agent is Here for You…

Douglas Schultz is the general agent who manages the Knights of Columbus agency serving southeast Michigan.  Doug joined the Order in 1979, became a field agent in 1999 and took on the responsibility of general agent in 2002.

Doug joined the Order when he turned 18, after being part of teh Squires program, because he wanted to continue to help in his church and community, while having fun with other Catholics.  He became a field agent after his father passed in 1999, because Doug saw firsthand how his dad’s insurance policy helped his mom get through a difficult time.  Doug knew that he wanted to help other families be protected when a loved one passes away.

Doug was born in Detroit, MI and lived there until he moved with his family to Hamtramck.  Currently, Doug and his wife of 25 years Dawn live in Troy, MI.  Doug and Dawn have one son Austin.  Dawn is a hairstylist in the Birmingham area.  The couple belongs to St. Anastasia Church in Troy, where Doug is a current member of Council 13453, a council he helped charter.  He is a former member of Council 3257 in Warren.  During his time as a Knight, Doug has held many leadership roles in his councils.  When his council needs help with their MR drive, pancake  breakfasts, blood drives or other charitable activities, Doug is always a willing volunteer.

As a general agent, Doug encourages his field agents to constantly continue their education to better serve their members.  To this end, Doug has earned his FICF designation and is a graduate of the GAMA International course on management development.  Doug is always enrolled in LUTC courses through the American College.

Douglas Schultz, FICF Knights of Columbus General Agent 6930 Little Creek, Troy, MI  48085  Office:  248-825-1380

Did you Know…

In 2008, we paid more than $369 million in dividends to insured members and more than $761 million in combined dividends and benefits.

We are the largest lay Catholic organization, with more than 1.75 million members worldwide.

In 2008, the Order gave more thatn $150 million to charity.  Also, individual Knights donated well over 68 million hours of volunteer time to helping our churches, our neighborhoods and our communities.

In the past decade, Knights have given nearly $1.325 billion to charity, and provided in excess of 626 million hours of volunteer service.

Our Mission…

To provide brother Knights and their families with the highest level of service and the most secure, stable products to ensure their financial well-being.

Changing lives for good, one member at a time.