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Dear St. Joseph Family,

Lent has begun! Glory be to God (I can’t say the “A” word until Easter)! We Catholics are funny in that we look forward to Lent, and the world doesn’t understand this. For me, it is all about the dynamic of “getting ready.” The more important the event, the more you have to get ready, and Easter requires a lot of getting ready! That is why I love it so much because I know that I am moving to that great day of our Lord’s Resurrection.


One thing that we have done in the past that we are not able to do this year is our weekly Lenten Fish Fry. The K of C sponsored it last year and did a great job, but their logistical problems were too great this year to make it happen. They hope to make up for that with future spaghetti dinners, and of course, their large St. Patrick’s dinner next Saturday, Mar. 12 (see the bulletin this weekend for details).


Our Lenten schedule will keep marching forward with Deacon John Manera’s “Faith Talk” on Forgiveness this Monday, Mar. 7 and Tuesday, Mar. 8 from 6-7:20pm down in Myrick Hall (same talk both nights). It’s a great opportunity for enrichment, personal growth and a little self check. Consider bringing a friend who might be new to St. Joe’s.


Next Sunday, Mar. 13 at 6:30pm in the church, all are welcome to hear our special guest speaker, Sr. Mary Gianna. She brings words of comfort and continued healing for those who still struggle with the events of November 30th at Oxford High School. She herself was a survivor of the Columbine H.S. shooting, and that horrible experience brought her to a new spiritual depth out of which she found greater strength and growth. While one doesn’t have to end up in a convent to find a great sense of peace, we are all called to go to a deeper spiritual depth so that the Lord can touch and heal our hearts.


We received new direction from the Archdiocese yesterday regarding covid protocols. Masks are completely optional for all Mass-goers, priests and ministers. Masks are still encouraged for those who are at risk or have compromised immune systems. We will still offer the option for social distancing in our north wing (section closest to the wall) and the Eucharistic Ministers in the north wing will continue to wear masks at this time. Hand sanitizer will be available in the back of the church and at all of the entrances. We will remove the sanitizer pumps from the middle of the aisle ways so if you prefer to sanitize on your way to communion, you may want to bring your own small bottle.


This Lent, I will enjoy praying the Stations of the Cross at St. John Fisher Chapel for the first time, and the Chapel will be availing themselves of new stations this year. One of our St. Joe’s parishioners, Suzanne Young, has created 14 incredible sculptures to replace the stark metal crosses which served as station points previously. She was inspired to do this in honor of her recently deceased mother, Evelyn Young. Deacon John and I pitched in, too. Deacon John made the title plaques and the Roman numeral decals. I made the wood backing material with framing. The parts came together beautifully (see image above), and they have truly enhanced the worship space of the church.

May God bless your Lenten journey and bring you closer to our Lord through each of these 40 days.

–Fr. Jim

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